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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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coming up on r t breaking news some of the victim's remains from the down the malaysian airlines jet engine eastern ukraine are leaving the region this news comes as some international investigators arrive at the crash site update just ahead. and there's been a rising casualties as israel continues its invasion of the gaza strip responds the obama administration wants to halt the conflict with the potential cease fire of war on the violence in gaza coming up. and a new smartphone app is offering a way to protect your own privacy a company promises a secure anonymous means of sending messages audio and more will show you how it
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works later in the show. is monday july twenty first five pm in washington d.c. i'm lynn neary david you're watching r.t. america. we begin today with the very latest regarding the down the l├ęgion airliner in eastern ukraine united nations just approved a resolution that calls for an international investigation of the crash the u.n. security council unanimously voted for the australian proposed resolution that demands international access to the crash site as well as a cease fire around the area at this point ukraine and you have separatists are accusing each other of firing a surface to air missile at the airplane as it flew from amsterdam to kuala lumpur some thirty three thousand feet above a war zone in eastern ukraine all those on board flight two hundred eighty three
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passengers and fifteen crew were killed the very latest on this investigation let's go to our tease kosar of. the bodies of the victims of flight m h seven c know that war in the city offshore is about ten to take a lot of hours away from that crash have indeed been taken away from there now i reported lee they're on their way to the city off to call for which is beyond the area controlled by this self proclaimed defense forces say here in the east of ukraine afterwords the bodies will be sent over further to the netherlands and now this is all according to the dutch officials as well as the experts who have arrived here at the scene finally five days after the crash had taken place now the first expert that arrived on the scene was forensic specialists who took a look at the bodies that were stored in refrigerated train cars and he was
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satisfied with the environment that they were stored in and now afterwards later on malaysian experts have a ride and this time they were aviation specialists and twelve of them have come here to the city of so on net what malaysian experts have. well probably will be able to achieve later on today is to get a hold of those black boxes or those technical elements that resemble the black boxes that the leader of the self-proclaimed republic the people's republic of the next was talking about i was r.t. correspondent roman coaster at just a short time ago the spokesman for the organization for security and cooperation in europe talked to our colleagues in moscow about gaining access to the crash site in donetsk here's what that spokesman had to say. there are quite a bit of logistical and security issues to address. don't forget that the crush scene is in the middle of conflict zone and for example between here and the crush
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area there are probably about ten checkpoints so everything here takes time you know you have to explain where you're going to to take some you know. and but we've done a lot i think in the past four days but there is a lot of work that is far far better placed for others to do and. you know what remains to be seen when the. experts will come here i can tell you though that just in the past hour or so we did bump into some of the delegation if you will from malaysia they've made it here and to morrow we're expecting that they'll want to go out to a cross site to begin their own investigation. i was a spokesman for the zero s. c.e. . russian president vladimir putin has been in the international spotlight since
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this incident took place last week with many world leaders saying that russia bears the responsibility for what has happened today russia's defense ministry released new information about the crash and asked questions about a military jet that was reportedly in the area when the plane went down artie's marina closer reva has more. there was a second aircraft which was the type of gaining high at the same time as the boeing seven seventy was flying over there and watch it what's interesting is that it reached its distance between the this aircraft and boeing seven seven was at one point between three to five kilometers now what's the question that springs up here is why it deployed military jets so close to passenger planes because we're not only talking about the malaysian boeing there were other planes flying over that area as well and why not reveal it because since considering everything that's happened this is crucial information and now i believe we can hear about some more details regarding the second aircraft and what russia's defense ministry believes
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there was. five twenty one pm and thirty five seconds another mark of an aircraft appeared at the point of the crash. monitored by radar station. and sky during the next four minutes being spotted that jets an air traffic controller failed to identify it as the aircraft most probably didn't for self identification system which is characteristic of military aircraft what's also interesting is that ukraine's radar activity seemed to have peaked on the day of the crash and actually satellite pictures show that from the fourteenth of july ukraine's anti-aircraft missiles were being moved towards the east of the country which is interesting again why because kiev authorities had said up until that point that the government forces in the east did not have bulk missiles they are shown in these satellite pictures a move in their arsenal towards the east of the country also one of the pictures clearly shows that a factory off the book missile is seen within
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a few kilometers of donetsk and now the day after the crash the battery is gone so another question springs up then we have the u.s. which insists that has pictures proving that the missile was launched by the rebels in the rebel controlled territory or russia on its part and the defense ministry says that its pictures show that you are. space satellites were actually monitoring that very same area surrounding the plane as that second aircraft so they should have pictures and if they do have them then why not show them in this evidence that they are saying that perhaps why not show it to the world so they can analyze these pictures as well that was artie's marina kozyrev on the u.s. state department has responded to the russian military as claims saying to take the information with a quote grain of salt we're getting more reaction from the obama administration as well r t correspondent megan lopez has the very latest for days after malaysian airlines flight seventeen was shot down by separatists in ukraine harsh words are
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coming out from both the white house as well as the state department today president obama spoke to reporters this afternoon we have firm in his commitment to finding the facts about this event that led up to the deaths of two hundred ninety eight innocent civilians the president said he has sent a seam of investigators to ukraine in order to help with an international investigation into the crash but accuse the russian backed separatists of quote blocking that afterwards they've repeatedly prevented international investigators from gaining full access to the wreckage as investigators approached they fired their weapons into the air the separatists are removing evidence from the crash site all of which begs the question what exactly are they trying to hide. moreover these russian backed separatists are removing bodies from the crash site often times without the care that we would normally expect from
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a tragedy like this this is an insult to those who've lost loved ones president obama didn't stop there or he went to one to say that the burden of controlling the separatist groups and forcing them to cooperate with investigators alliance with russia and with president putin russia has extraordinary influence over these separatists no one denies it. russia has or has urged them on russia has trained them we know that russia has armed them with military equipment and weapons including anti-aircraft weapons key separatist leaders are russian citizens so given its direct influence over the separatists russia and president putin in particular has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the investigation that is the least they can do hinted by talking about finding a diplomatic solution to the four months of aggressions and warn russia that the costs for continued violence will increase if
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a diplomatic arrangement isn't made and soon meanwhile at the state department today state department spokeswoman marie harf spoke about the amount of evidence that is piling up against russian backed separatists in ukraine describing what she is calling quote a pattern of behavior or perhaps familiar with the briefing that the russian defense ministry gave this morning. in which they laid out. the satellite images or radar tracking images talking about a ukrainian fighter plane that was apparently near this the malaysian airlines plane. they also asked a question should a series of questions to you meaning the u.s. government to produce the documentation the evidence that secretary kerry basser power. but it didn't for any. forensic
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evidence or at least until evidence. how do you respond to that well a couple points you saw the secretary yesterday speak very clearly about our system and that this was an essay eleven fired from russian back separatists controlled territory. that we know we saw in social media afterwards we saw the videos we saw photos of the pro russian separatists bragging about shooting down an aircraft that they they then they then excuse me took down once it became clear that it may have been a passenger airline there is a preponderance of evidence at this point both sort of out there in the public domain and also from our information that points to the fact that there was a sale have been launched from separatist controlled territory we assess of course that the russian backed separatist have this system. and one of the main reasons we have called for a full investigation is so we can get all the facts out there suffering on the say that she hopes russia will fully cooperate with the investigation but that now is
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the time for actions instead of words of support and she warned that the u.s. might take further action along with its european allies if something isn't done soon in front of the white house and our team. another alliance had one hundred ninety three citizens on board malaysian airliner m.h. seventeen now four days after the end sedan shock and grief have turned to rage over the handling of the passengers remains as well as the evidence that is needed to aid the investigation artie's peter all over has more. dutch prime minister mark routes and has been addressing representatives of all of the parties in the dutch parliament concerning the malaysian airlines flight that went down in the east of ukraine addressing the concerns of the dutch people he said he understood their frustration after they saw on sunday u.s. secretary of state john kerry point fingers of blame he said he wouldn't be doing the same thing until they've been presented with concrete evidence history to
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stress though that the priority at the moment was the repository ation and identification of the bodies of those who were killed in this disaster he said that they wouldn't lose focus on an investigation and to find out exactly who was responsible and if you would be making sure that they were punished something that was fucked up by all of the pollen and terry is present priority number one priority number two priority number three is recreating the bodies of the victims and their personal possessions but we have to take care we have to take extreme care to ensure that those who are responsible for this hideous crime do not go unpunished and i think this is a difficult balance but a balance that our government at this point in time has managed to make but i think and i fear that if corporation is not forthcoming in a couple of hours snacks few days the balance will go to towards film action now holland has been rocked by this disaster almost two hundred of its citizens died
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when the plane went down over eastern ukraine and they are demanding action and ounces from their politicians reporting from the hague peter all of a. all right let's go back to our breaking news the u.n. security council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution demanding investigators to get full access to the eastern ukraine crash site for the very latest from new york i want to bring in our tease marina. so marina what does this resolution entail. well as you mentioned the security council has unanimously adopted the resolution first off it condemns the downing of a malaysian passenger plane in ukraine with two hundred ninety eight people on board the text which was drafted by australian co-sponsored by thirteen countries calls for a full thorough and independent investigation into the plane crash the key focus of the resolution is on the importance of armed groups maintaining the integrity of the crash site it calls on separatists in eastern ukraine to provide safe secure
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and unrestricted access to monitors and investigators washington and many of its western allies have blamed rebels for downing the blame plane insisting that russia also bears responsibility for what they say is backing the separatists allegations that russia has denied russia has also made its accusations against western countries of ignoring what they say russia says the violent role the ukrainian government has played to the conflict but at the very least here we have a resolution that shows at least a consensus within the security council is calling for a seizing all military activities in the vicinity of the crash site and also demands that the armed groups in control of the surrounding area were frayne from destroying moving or disturbing any personal belongings or remains that that that are there now there were some questions about whether russia would even vote for this resolution why did they alternately go along with it while russia always was
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was on board for condemning for condemning the. downing of the plane it just came down to tax that was included in the resolution the first draft text that was submitted the words shooting down of the plane russia were preferred for it to be the downing of the plane so that's why the texas downing of the plane russia also wanted for the text to say that the international civil aviation organization or rather than the. ukrainian authorities leave. the investigation in to the plane tragedy that was a battle that russia did not win the organization will play a very pivotal and lead role but the ukrainian authorities are still going to be leading the investigation into the tragedy and i know many other countries took the opportunity to speak about the incident what did they have to say well it was quite somber the foreign ministers of the netherlands and australia travel to new york to address the security council personally they expressed an overwhelming grief they
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lost a lot of citizens in this tragedy but they also expressed a lot of anger and frustration over video that's been shown over this past weekend video that shows armed armed men. moving around the site possibly moving personal belongings of the victims possibly moving the victims it's not clear there's no one at the end to take a shot of the videos that have been seen so much of that has been spreading around but there's there's another video that angered most of the members the security council because they they think there's been a complete disrespect shown to to the crash site to the victims there and they are calling on russia to use its influence over the rebels in eastern ukraine to respect the crash site and allow for transparent investigation alright we'll have to see how moves forward now artie's marina in new york thanks for that reporting. our coverage of the malaysian jet crash continues online get updates on r.t.
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dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for the latest on the breaking story and keep an eye on the ticker at the bottom of your screen for any new developments secretary of state john kerry is now back in the middle east as the obama administration attempts to renew regional efforts to reach a cease fire between israel and hamas kerry last washington early today headed for cairo where he joined diplomatic efforts to resume a truce that had been agreed to back in november of two thousand and twelve this comes of course as the civilian death toll in the conflict sharply escalated over the weekend and that yesterday was the deadliest day in this most recent conflict so far with one hundred palestinians and thirteen israeli soldiers killed two of which soldiers were american citizens the u.s. is expected to urge hamas to accept a cease fire agreement that would halt nearly two weeks of fighting with israel more than five hundred palestinians and over twenty five israelis have been killed
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in that time period many of the dead are children and artie's harry fear has more from gaza. at least eighty children have been killed in gaza in the past two weeks of fighting in their homes on the streets i needed while playing on the beach in a recent incident three children were killed by drug sales while playing football on the roof of the home the un confirm that at least one in five of the palestinian victims so far are children the numbers are much higher in the proportion is much higher than we saw in the conflict in two thousand and twelve if your six year old child in gaza this is your third war you know this is a regular occurrence this is part of your life and the impact that has on the long term development the children really takes a toll and of course what's needed immediately is a sation to the violence we need we need some kind of a ceasefire agreement in an impoverished refugee camp known for its danger on the
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night time bombardment we met nine year old my lack. of bin laden the for the hey betty i am a. member of have been led to the camp. i see the big. things i see them and. doctors yada has been working in mental health for over twenty years he says the traumatised children's parents struggle to the minds of images. with critical questions for the parents a bit on themselves. and the. children how they can how they can to protect how they can secure these are some time for a scared to secure a skip the children he is an average mother of six living in one of gaza's most densely populated camps and i'm trying to model normal with to try and make them
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calm and to make sure they don't feel scared to avoid a terrifying atmosphere a six year old son keeps asking me why there are drones in the sky. and i tell them they are taking video children know the difference between a drone strike and an f. sixteen strike i have a daughter in high school she's grown up and she hears the airstrikes she starts to scream and cry experts fear that this latest violence could create an op surge in mental health issues which could affect long term prospects for peace some of the children and their scheme and they will use violence as. their problem in the future and this is one of the this and you are talking about a generation will be involved in this in this conflict. gaza are surely no easy place in which to grow up one's destiny is here continually up rooted by conflict and instability and among today's bereaved interim the thais children are
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tomorrow's parents leaders and a smaller number still resistance fighters perry fear r.t. gaza. protests or so to the streets over the weekend here in washington d.c. to demand an end to the gaza violence several hundred marched from the state department to the white house on sunday waving signs and palestinian flags the demonstrators want the u.s. to put pressure on israel to stop the ground offensive inside gaza. well a new york police encounter is now under fire after a man being arrested died apparently as a result of the police officers chokehold take a look. exhorting. the man you see there was eric garner six foot three and roughly three hundred and fifty pounds six different times he said the words i can't breathe but
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unfortunately the officers continued to pin him down after police realized he was unconscious they rushed him to all local hospital but it was already too late police say they were arresting garner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on staten island the officer seen in the video putting garner in a choke hold has been placed on what they call modified assignment and that means he was stripped of his badge and gun pending the outcome of an investigation when asked about that investigation police commissioner bill bratton have this to say each rooms of investigation going forward it will be as the mayor indicated to determine all the actions appropriate that led to this unfortunate circumstance and tragedy but let's be quite clear that one of the things the video appears to show is that the offices were in fact in the performance of their lawful duties they were there for that purpose and in the course of that events that. the
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investigation should remain was the actions that they took appropriate to the resistance that they were experiencing. of forty three the forty three year old that has led to outrage within garners community this past saturday three hundred people led by the reverend al sharpton and family members marched in support of garner and demanded that those responsible be held accountable. well many of us have heard of snap chat the quick time photo sharing app but what about wicker it's the latest private messaging app that lets you securely send self destructing text audio and video messages just recently were announced that it had raised a second funding round of three million dollars the company now claims it has the resources to build the most trusted communication system in the world it's something that might be a little more appealing to users considering what they've learned in the wake of
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edward snowden's n.s.a. leaks to discuss exactly what this app can do i was joined earlier by the co-founder herself nico sell before she broke it down for us she explained why she chooses to hide part of her face during t.v. interviews so far there's no pictures of me on google or facebook or at least have my eyes trying to keep it for that way as long as possible it's just one of the ways that i am decreasing my digital footprint probably a little bit more extreme than most people but i think everyone needs to be aware of the digital footprint they're leaving out there and make conscious decisions about what goes out what doesn't sure absolutely now just to be clear wicker is not the only private message security out there but this is slightly different from the rest and can you break down for us the technology behind this and how it works. yes so i think we were the first group of cryptography experts in the world that said we're going to make top secret crypto that kids are going to use one hundred times
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a day because we think that they deserve the same level encryption that spies are using because data brokers are just as a as aggressive or even more aggressive than the n.s.a. so am i correct in saying that the user's data never actually enters wicker's servers exactly it only touches your device and the device that it's sent to so essentially what we do there is we use perfect forward secrecy there's a different key that's generated for every single message that you send and that key is generated on your device and your device only so that we can't see lou you're talking to when her often or what you're sending i actually downloaded the app to see how it works myself and it's actually really really nice very user friendly i went to sign after making a cow and realized i had actually forgotten my password and instead of sending me an e-mail for a very verification which is what i'm used to we're actually asked me to create an entirely new account i had to sort of erase everything. can you talk about that
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future is that crucial to keeping user data secure a well essentially we don't have the key right so we can't do a password reset we are looking at solutions around maybe putting an extra key for you on your u.s.b. drive so that you've got a backup because in the future when we have messages that live longer for six days . no password reset doesn't quite work the same but for right now considering messages are only six days it's not that big of a deal right if you're to have to create a new account and as i understand you mentioned those that were employs a special tool called perfect forward secrecy can you explain a lot of people don't know what that is can you just talk about how that protects the user. yes so essentially we don't have the keys or any way to unlock the messages that you're sharing with other users and that's really important because i mean i've been educated by the best hackers in the world and i know that if we've
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got a key that they're going to get it and also that way we were able to say no to the f.b.i. asking us for a backdoor because we don't have a key so we have nothing that we can give over we can't tell who are users are what they're sending so that really protects us from hackers as well as from blackmail and legal requests that come in so solutions great for a lot of reasons right when most people think about this they're going to think about the n.s.a. the capability of the n.s.a. has to really you know surveil our communications right you go as far as saying that this app is and it's a proof or is it impossible to really be one hundred percent n.s.a. proof. oh well i'm a hacker so nothing and no security is one hundred percent perfect however this is number one in the world this is as good as you're going to get spies use this and human rights activists use it every day fighting dictators all around the world so
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we're out in the field in the most intense situations out there and succeeding every day at letting people communicate privately and messaging is of course a major component of any social platforms social media. linked in facebook google they all have their own instant messengers and a lot of people use them and they would use them they're more inclined to use them to then to go and get you know an app like wicker for example but how secure is our data on those kinds of websites. it's not secure at all and i think more important the thing that people don't realize i actually read the privacy policies and whether it's facebook snap chat whatsapp instagram twitter all of those you grant control of the information that you're putting in that service to that service provider and so i don't think this is anything that people want you don't want someone else controlling your baby.


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